January 5, 2017

AIA-Los Angeles Recognizes KES for Our Work on Expo Line Phase II

The American Institute of Architects – Los Angeles (AIA-Los Angeles) chapter recently recognized KES for its work in collaboration with other engineers, architects and contractors on the Expo Line Phase II. The award, Presidential Honoree 2016 Building Team of the Year” acknowledges transformative and highly complex projects.

KES is absolutely thrilled to be recognized as key collaborator on such widely publicized and important project to the Los Angeles community. We can’t help but agree with AIA-Los Angeles’ description of the monumental initiative: “The Expo Line Phase 2 unifies large swaths of urban Los Angeles, integrating West to East. It catalyzes housing, eases commutes, and makes the Pacific Ocean accessible to communities throughout Los Angeles.”

Now, commuters and explorers throughout Los Angeles have the option to forgo a frustrating car trip, spoiled by traffic, to instead opt for a metro train trek. From the bustle of downtown Los Angeles to the cool breezes of Santa Monica, it’s just 46 minutes—which is a treasure when you can relax and enjoy the ride.

For our role in the Expo Line Phase II project, we provided a myriad of services to the Skanska-Rados Joint Venture team. KES became an integral part of the team, making ourselves available as needed throughout the project to provide environmental services. From stormwater pollution prevention plans, and NPDES groundwater discharge permit monitoring, to contaminated soil removal, and asbestos-containing material removal, KES tackled a range of challenges. This project serves as a strong example of KES’ vast range of services, deep expertise and ability to collaborate intimately on large, complex projects.

The AIA-Los Angeles hosted its annual Design Awards Ceremony in October, which consisted of reception, awards ceremony and festivities. KES enjoyed an extraordinary evening with some of our most respected partners in the industry at the historic Palace Theatre downtown!

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