Charles Lee

Professional Geologist-Ph.D

Charles, KES’ newest hire, will put the experience he has gained from 30 years of project management and technical implementations to use on strategic KES projects. His impressive roster of projects includes notables such as assessments related to the Los Angeles Metro Purple Line subway extension, work for the Sylmar Power Plan Operable Unit OU-2 and a permeable pavement study for Metro Division 30. Charles is knowledgeable about Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments. He’s experienced in advance utility location identification (potholing), site topographic and utility surveys, subsurface soil characterization grid/slice mapping, pre-transport soil profiling, excavation oversight, confirmation sampling, air monitoring and reporting.
Additionally, Charles has hands-on experience managing complex projects that require advanced drilling monitoring, permitting and site investigations. Charles’ attention to detail, project management and geological expertise will be instrumental to KES client work. Charles received a Ph. D in Geology from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Meet the Team

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    Owner & President

  • Kurt Kroner

    Project Manager

  • Philip Chang

    PhD Principal Environmental Engineer

  • Michael Wolff

    Principal Environmental Geologist

  • Philip Jo

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