Tom Vernor

Environmental Site Supervisor

Tom is based in Seattle, Washington. While adept at all aspects of environmental services, Tom is especially focused on water treatment and erosion and sediment control; he’s thrilled to paid for reliving his childhood joys of tromping around in mud and water. He has experience planning and implementing sand filtration monitoring and control systems, pH neutralization systems and chemical flocculation systems. For Sound Transit’s U-220 project, Tom managed the remote noise monitoring equipment installation and maintenance. On job sites, he’s known as the go-to person to fix just about anything. Tom has a solid understanding of environmental regulations as well as the training experience required to transfer operational skills to other team members. He is a Certified Chitosan Enhanced Sand Filtration Field Trainer, a Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead and a Chitosan Enhanced Sand Filtration System Operator.

Meet the Team

  • Tamara Kroner

    Owner & President

  • Kurt Kroner

    Project Manager

  • Philip Chang

    PhD Principal Environmental Engineer

  • Michael Wolff

    Principal Environmental Geologist

  • Philip Jo

    Principal Environmental Engineer

  • Brett Curry

    Environmental Manager

  • Albert Rogers

    Foreman/Senior Site Manager

  • Joey Heraldez

    Chemical Engineering

  • Douglas Glenn

    Environmental Technician

  • Alex Grant

    Environmental Scientist

  • Gabriel Illingworth

    Environmental Manager

  • Muriel Nacar

    Environmental Engineer

  • Michael Lucey

    Environmental Technician

  • Monica Avina

    Office Manager/Administrative

  • Dennis Mehaffey

    Noise Monitoring Technician, CAD Technician