Kailua to Kaneohe Tunnel Project

Completion Date: 2018
Client: City and County of Honolulu
Services: Noise & Vibration

About this Project

This sewer tunnel project aims to transport wastewater from Kaneohe to Kailua. It includes a 3-mile tunnel, two new shafts, a diversion structure and odor control facilities. KES created a comprehensive noise control plan, weekly noise and vibration monitoring and suggested corrective procedures for instances where noise levels exceeded standards.

The Solution

KES implemented perimeter noise barriers, such as sound fencing and blankets, and portable shields to help control the noise at construction areas outside of the construction areas. KES mitigated noise levels in the shafts by leveraging ventilation fans and sound absorbing blankets. Beyond noise and vibration control, KES created and managed a wastewater spill mitigation plan and a stormwater pollution plan.